Stuck In The Mud

‘Where do rocks come from?’


‘I said, where do rocks come from?’ Sally pushed ineffectually on her dad’s leg, trying to take his attention away from the phone in his hand.

‘Sally, I have to some important work stuff, can you go annoy your mum?’

‘Mum went to the shop.’

‘Fine, but I’m busy, so can you please go away?’

Sally stared at her dad, disgust etched across her face, but he didn’t even glance in her direction. After a few seconds, she unleashed a snort of fury, turning and stomping away.

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The Woods Know Everything

Introduction: um, okay. Today’s prompt was squirrel. There is no squirrel in this story. I started planning one thing and then it went in a very different direction which, I admit, defeats the purpose of using prompts. A story is a story, though, right? This one is longer than all the others because I got carried away, but I hope it’s enjoyable all the same.

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There’s A Storm Coming

Introduction: it’s day three of my short story experiment and this is going alright so far. The hardest thing has been getting the length right. I’m aiming for around 500 words, but it’s easy to either spin a yarn that threatens to become an epic or struggles to get past two paragraphs. Anyway, today’s one-word prompt was weather, which for reasons known only to my brain, brought to mind that classic story set-up of two people meeting on a lonely road. Why? Fuck knows, but here’s where it brought me.

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The Christmas Trespasser

Intro: It’s Christmas, which means it’s time for stories around the fireplace about ruddy faced fat men who steal presents, I think that’s how it goes anyway. Below is my attempt to join the Christmas canon. I’d love to tell you what inspired it, but truthfully, I can’t remember. It’s one I’ve been tweaking for a long time. Now is the time to stop tweaking and for some of you lovely people to start reading. Enjoy.

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