The Ghost In My Head

Introduction: For my final two tales, I want to return to where I started, ghost stories. Not just because it’s Halloween, although that plays a part, but because I fucking love ghosts. The idea of a pale figure standing in the corner watching me will never fail to send a shiver down my spine, and what’s better than that? However, as much as that is true, today’s ghost story is a ghost story that’s not really about the ghost (wow, that was a lot of ghosts). I’d love to pretend that what it is about is subtly hidden away, but it’s not, it’s pretty fucking obvious. Still, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Introduction: Today’s inspiration is kind of obvious. I’m an awful sleeper, and the joys of a good eight hours are sealed off from me. It does, however, give one plenty of time to think (some would say too much time), and occasionally brings with it a spark of inspiration, enjoy.

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Fridges From The Sky

Introduction: Today marks the moment that I slip over the halfway mark of this daft challenge and I am quietly proud of what I’ve achieved so far. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t for a second think every story is good, but I’ve managed to keep going, sitting down every day to come up with an idea and, more importantly, writing it. I think there is merit in that, right? Anyway, today’s prompt was the bulk of the first sentence, enjoy.

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Lost In The Snow

Introduction: I expanded past one word for today’s prompt going for an idea instead: stuck in a traffic jam in a snowstorm. One thing I’ve learnt about this mini-project is that when I’m struggling for something to write, I will inevitably fall back on two people bickering in a fraught situation. Is it because I am a child who still enjoys writing the word fuck? No comment.

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Where Were You When The Monsters Came?

Introduction: confession time, I cheated for today and tomorrow’s stories. I’m off to a wedding and it’s generally considered rude to start typing during the ceremony, so I’ve had to dive into the ‘here’s one I did earlier’ pile. In fact, today and tomorrow’s are linked, and are part of what I hope to one day make a longer series about the day the monsters came.

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The Door In The Wall

Introduction: today’s story is a slight cheat, as here’s one I wrote earlier. I’ve got a busy Sunday between work and a wrestling show, so I’ve dipped into the archives. Rereading it, it definitely shares a thematic resemblance to The Beast Behind The Curtain which probably reveals something about me. Still, I hope it’s different enough to still give you some pleasure, enjoy.

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