Journey’s End

Introduction: Honestly, today’s story started with the final line and was built backwards from there. Said punchline was inspired by Karie Murphy’s comments that Jeremy Corbyn likes to get on trains to obscure places like ‘the South West or Orkney’, so we can announce this as my debut into political writing. That might not bring with it any additional sophistication, but it did make me smile, and what’s more important than that?

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Pain Academy

Introduction: In what is becoming a recurring theme, my prompt for today is the first few words of the story. I feel I should make it clear that I don’t plan these. I sit down, start writing and hope what comes out isn’t total nonsense. As anyone who has read a few of them will tell you, the results are mixed. Anyway, I hope you enjoy today’s effort.

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The Woods Know Everything

Introduction: um, okay. Today’s prompt was squirrel. There is no squirrel in this story. I started planning one thing and then it went in a very different direction which, I admit, defeats the purpose of using prompts. A story is a story, though, right? This one is longer than all the others because I got carried away, but I hope it’s enjoyable all the same.

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