That’s Me

Introduction: Today’s story got away from me a bit, to the extent that I had no idea how to end it. You know, everyone slags off Stephen King for his endings, but they are really hard. There’s a reason I tend to just kill everyone. Anyway, there is something in this idea, and it may well be one I return to in the future. At the moment, this is all you’re getting.

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Car Ride

Introduction: Today’s story is a bit different. Rather than being inspired by a prompt, it’s inspired by an idea. The idea that you can write something in which not much happens, but it still grips you. One of the films that has lingered with me the longest in recent years is¬†Paterson, a Jim Jarmusch film that follows Adam Driver as he drives a bus, takes his dog for walks and writes poetry. I loved it, and the idea that you can write real life and make it enthralling fascinates me. Let’s not pretend I have half the talent Jarmusch does, but this is my attempt to do something similar. Two people, a car and not much else.

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Mistaken Identity

Introduction: Today’s prompt is the title, which speaks to my lack of inventiveness. I’m not very good at titles, and when posting randomly onto the internet, they’re kind of important. It’s been interesting watching which stories attract attention and which don’t. Annoyingly, it tends to be the ones that I like the most, that don’t get read, but that’s life. Anyway, onto today’s adventure.¬†

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Here Be Dragons

Introduction: I hate to get repetitive, but today’s prompt is once again the first line, so I won’t spoil it. However, I will say that this is a dive into fantasy, my first love, and which I don’t write enough. Actually, this might be my favourite short story that I’ve written this month, as everything clicked into place while I wrote. It’s lovely when that happens, isn’t it? I’ll stop talking now and let you read.¬†

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