Mistaken Identity

Introduction: Today’s prompt is the title, which speaks to my lack of inventiveness. I’m not very good at titles, and when posting randomly onto the internet, they’re kind of important. It’s been interesting watching which stories attract attention and which don’t. Annoyingly, it tends to be the ones that I like the most, that don’t get read, but that’s life. Anyway, onto today’s adventure. 

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Fridges From The Sky

Introduction: Today marks the moment that I slip over the halfway mark of this daft challenge and I am quietly proud of what I’ve achieved so far. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t for a second think every story is good, but I’ve managed to keep going, sitting down every day to come up with an idea and, more importantly, writing it. I think there is merit in that, right? Anyway, today’s prompt was the bulk of the first sentence, enjoy.

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