A Classic Fairy Tale

Introduction: Honestly, there was no prompt or idea at the start of this. I have had one of those days, so by the time I got a chance to write, I just sat down and went for it. Fingers crossed it came out alright.

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Car Ride

Introduction: Today’s story is a bit different. Rather than being inspired by a prompt, it’s inspired by an idea. The idea that you can write something in which not much happens, but it still grips you. One of the films that has lingered with me the longest in recent years is¬†Paterson, a Jim Jarmusch film that follows Adam Driver as he drives a bus, takes his dog for walks and writes poetry. I loved it, and the idea that you can write real life and make it enthralling fascinates me. Let’s not pretend I have half the talent Jarmusch does, but this is my attempt to do something similar. Two people, a car and not much else.

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Here Be Dragons

Introduction: I hate to get repetitive, but today’s prompt is once again the first line, so I won’t spoil it. However, I will say that this is a dive into fantasy, my first love, and which I don’t write enough. Actually, this might be my favourite short story that I’ve written this month, as everything clicked into place while I wrote. It’s lovely when that happens, isn’t it? I’ll stop talking now and let you read.¬†

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You Took One For The Team

Introduction: I’m not entirely sure where this story came from as it twisted away from what I had in mind at the start. The prompt was the first four words, and I should include a trigger warning for racial language and assault. It’s not something I would normally feel comfortable writing about as a middle-class white guy because I wouldn’t know where to start, but it came out that way. If anyone has any thoughts on it feel free to get in touch, I’m always happy to listen.

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Lost In The Snow

Introduction: I expanded past one word for today’s prompt going for an idea instead: stuck in a traffic jam in a snowstorm. One thing I’ve learnt about this mini-project is that when I’m struggling for something to write, I will inevitably fall back on two people bickering in a fraught situation. Is it because I am a child who still enjoys writing the word fuck? No comment.

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Where Were You When The Monsters Came?

Introduction: confession time, I cheated for today and tomorrow’s stories. I’m off to a wedding and it’s generally considered rude to start typing during the ceremony, so I’ve had to dive into the ‘here’s one I did earlier’ pile. In fact, today and tomorrow’s are linked, and are part of what I hope to one day make a longer series about the day the monsters came.

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