Lost In The Snow

Introduction: I expanded past one word for today’s prompt going for an idea instead: stuck in a traffic jam in a snowstorm. One thing I’ve learnt about this mini-project is that when I’m struggling for something to write, I will inevitably fall back on two people bickering in a fraught situation. Is it because I am a child who still enjoys writing the word fuck? No comment.

‘Fuck, I can’t see a thing.’

‘Don’t worry, it’s not like we’re actually moving.’

‘Ugh, I just want to get home! How can that be so hard?’

‘I think the white stuff falling from the sky is your enemy, but I’m no expert.’

‘Please, shut up. I am not in the mood for your bullshit.’


‘Kelly, I’m serious, shut the fuck up before I punch you.’

‘So much for sisterly love.’

Years of instinct kicked in as the punch flew out, letting Kelly duck just in time and leaving Hana’s fist to crack into the window of the car, leaving her groaning in pain.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!’

‘I’m not going to point out that you deserved that.’

‘Then what the fuck did you just do?’

‘Fair point, well-argued.’

‘I am never driving you home again.’

‘Yes, it is definitely my fault that it’s snowing and we’re stuck in a traffic jam, it has nothing to do with our parents’ decision to live in the middle of fucking nowhere or your insistence that we would be, and I quote, just fine.’

‘Wait, we’re moving, hallelujah.’

‘How can you tell?’

‘The lights in front, idiot.’

‘So are we just going to follow some stranger’s car in the hope that it happens to be going to our parents’ house? Because it could be going anywhere and I wouldn’t have a clue in this weather.’

‘No, we just need to get out of the storm, then I’ll be able to see.’

‘And you know that this storm is going to stop soon?’

‘Fucking hell, Kelly, I’m trying to do something! Would you rather sit at the side of the road?’

‘Of course not, but following a random car is kind of worrying.’

‘We’ll be fine. We were only ten miles or so from the house, so we’ll get off at the next exit and figure something out.’

‘Okay, that actually sounds like a good idea.’

‘Thank you.’

‘Sorry for being a pain.’

‘You’re forgiven.’

The next thirty minutes were spent silently staring at the two pricks of light in front of them, anxiously pressing their noses against the window in the hopes of seeing an exit.

‘Em, Hana?’

‘Yes, Kelly?’

‘I know we’re going slow, but shouldn’t we have passed that exit by now.’

‘I’ve been trying not to think about that.’

‘When do we start thinking about it?’

‘I guess your observation means now, Kelly. We think about it now.’

‘So, em, do we just keep going? Because surely going further away from Mum and Dad’s, isn’t good?’

‘No, Kelly. That would be a pain in the ass, but do you have a better idea? We’re on the motorway. Do you want me to drive off the side of it?’

‘Are we on the motorway?’

‘What are you talking about? Of course, we are.’

‘Okay, it’s just, I know I can’t drive and don’t know what I’m talking about, but when did you last see anything that suggested that was the case? I mean, aren’t there meant to be signs and stuff? Surely we’d still see them.’

Hana went silent, not sure whether to be annoyed that Kelly was right or scared at what that meant.

‘Then where are we? How do you accidentally leave the motorway? That’s not how this shit works.’

‘I don’t know. I barely know what a motorway is, Hana.’

‘You know what a motor-‘

‘Okay, fine, but that’s probably not the argument we should be having. We should try-‘


Out of the snow came a giant leg. One second there was nothing but the two tail lights in front of them, the next a colossal boot crunched down through the thick snow causing the whole car to shake.

‘Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, that cannot be real.’


‘Well, it can’t be, can it? It’s like a cunting snow mirage or something.’

The car had been creeping forward through the snow, but it now slowed to a stop, Hana having frozen at the sight of whatever stood in front of them.

‘What the fuck is a snow mirage?’ She hissed the words between her teeth, hunched over the wheel and staring wide-eyed.

‘I don’t know, but it sounds like it could be a thing, doesn’t it?’

‘Fucking hell, Kelly. I can’t believe I’m going to die with you being a fucking dumbass next to me.’

‘We’re not going to di-‘

Kelly’s words were cut off by the car lurching to the side as it started to rise into the air, causing the sisters to scream in horror. It felt like they were rising for both forever and seconds, either way it brought them face to face with the giant, staring into the eyes of a face crusted with snow and hair. The snow wasn’t so much lying on his cheeks as scarred into them, as if it had been deposited there by a million winters.

‘So, snow mirage, eh?’ Hana started giggling as she spoke, the giant man in front of them overwhelming her.

‘Just keep very still, maybe he’ll put us down.’

That only caused Hana to laugh more, turning towards Kelly as she did. ‘What was it you were saying? That we’re not going to d-‘

The giant’s teeth slid through the car like it was butter, cutting off their final bicker before it could get started.

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