The Last Thing She Saw

Introduction: I fucking love slasher films. Give me a bunch of dumbass teens being chopped up for 90 minutes, and I’m probably going to have a good time, regardless of quality. This story, which was inspired by the prompt alarm, is my attempt to capture a bit of that slasher magic, enjoy.

As Rebecca stumbled around the corner, she could hear an alarm blaring in the distance. The distance was no use to her, though. She needed someone right here, right now. Otherwise, it was going to be too late. Her legs ached, and she couldn’t keep running, she was too tired, her body giving up underneath her.

And yet, Rebecca pulled herself up, desperately continuing on and not even daring to look over her shoulder. If that thing was there, he was there, and she’d rather not stare into that lifeless mask once more. The man underneath it might be the one who butchered her friends, but if she made it out of here, it would be that dead expression that was burned into her brain.

There was a classroom to her left that she stumbled into, a vague plan of trying to get out the window forming in her head. Before she could do that, though, she needed to catch her breath. That might lead to her throat being slit, but there was no other option, she couldn’t keep going. Yet, as she stood there panting, there was no sign of him. In fact, as she leaned against a table, she realised the whole area was silent, just the slight patter of rain against the window. The alarm was gone, did that mean he’d gone back to turn it off? Had he been scared of someone coming for him?

Either way, this was her chance. Rebecca needed to get out of the school and tell someone about what had happened. Greg, Helen and Chuck they were, she choked on the thought, the realisation of what had happened hit her as tears overwhelmed her. They were dead. She’d watched them be cut down one by one, by that thing. Holy shit, her best friends were dead.

‘No, no, no, no, it can’t be true.’ She whispered hysterically, on the verge of those whispers turning to screams, ‘don’t think about it, it can’t be true, we need to get out of here, and they’ll all be okay.’

A part of Rebecca knew she was lying to herself, but she needed it to stand up straight and wobble over to the windows, peeking out and to her relief seeing she was on the ground floor. Unfortunately, that was going to be the only good news, as when she opened one it moved inches rather than the feet she needed, a safety catch keeping it within some regulations that were going to be the death of her.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck.’ She reached out, trying to fiddle with the bar that kept it in place, hopeful that she could snap it or unclasp it or something, anything. It quickly became clear that she was merely pawing at it. Frantically, she turned back to the room, suddenly hit by the inspiration to smash the window. It would make a noise, but by the time the bastard got here, she could be long gone, escaping into the night.

As she moved towards a chair that she planned to throw at the window, Rebecca heard the unmistakable sound of someone walking down the corridor. She didn’t even need to think, her body reacted for her, hitting the ground and crawling away from the centre of the floor, she might not have consciously registered the small window in the door, but some part of her had, and it wanted to be nowhere near it.

The footsteps outside sounded agonisingly slow, as if he was savouring every step, deliberately torturing her. A torture that would be further extended when they came to a stop at what sounded like the door of the room she was in. Covering her mouth her with her hand, Rebecca rolled under a desk at the head of the classroom, scrunching up her eyes as she prayed he would move on.

It wasn’t to be. The long creak of the door being slowly pushed open was like having nails driven into her spine, and she couldn’t resist peaking out, seeing him standing in shadow in the doorway, staring ahead statue-like. She slammed her eyes shut again, terrified even a glint of light coming off them would give her away.

As Rebecca lay in the dark, listening to this monster walk into the room and stop, presumably looking around, she realised she was going to die. She was going to die in this shitty old school murdered by this bastard, and it was so fucking unfair. What had she done to deserve this? All they’d wanted was to have some fun, none of them had deserved this.

That thought filled her with anger, and at that moment she made a decision; like fuck was she going to die cowering under a desk. If she was going, she was going to take some of this cunt with her. With that rage burning inside, she opened her eyes, preparing to leap out at him.

The last thing she saw was the flash of silver as the blade drove into her skull, killing her instantly.

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