Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Introduction: another day, another story. We’re nearly a third of the way through the month, and this is getting harder. I’ve no idea how good these are, but if you’ve read any of them, I can only thank you. It genuinely means a lot that you’d take some time out of your life to engage with my inane shite. Anyway, today’s prompt is a simple one: love.

Where did it all go wrong? Was it when I stared into his eyes and wondered whether he was the one? Or the first time he told me he loved me and my heart almost exploded out of my chest? Or maybe even on our wedding day, when we promised to spend forever together? There probably wasn’t one moment, of course, but a series of them, all building to this shit show that I now find myself a part of.

‘Get down!’ The thud of the bullet hitting the wall above me sounded so weird, a noise I’d heard before, but never so close. It reminded me of the first time I saw a pool of blood, so different in the real world to its depiction on TV, darker and angrier looking.

Although, really, if you get down to it, it was when he splurged all our money up the wall that things started going wrong. That was when all this dodgy shit started, and that was what led to me coming home and finding a dead body in my living room. Did I run, though? Nope, I stayed around, helping him get rid of the thing. Why? I’ll never know.

‘Right babe, we need to run on three, okay? One, two, three.’ We charged across the room, bullets spraying around us wildly. Thank God those people were almost as incompetent as us. Except, not that incompetent and as we approached the safety of the door one found its target, slamming into his leg, ripping it out from underneath him and sending him sprawling into the hall with a scream of agony.

Perhaps after the dead body, I should have walked away or at the very least not got involved, but he was so fucking useless at it. He was like a kid playing gangster, and if I hadn’t helped, he’d have ended up dead. It needed the touch of someone competent, and I provided that.

‘Can you move your leg?’ I asked it knowing the answer was going to be no, blood was seeping out of the wound, and my loving husband was going nowhere. He lay there whimpering, tears streaming down his face as I ripped off my shirt to bandage it. ‘I’m going to have to leave you, okay? I’ll come back to get you. It will be alright.’ He gripped my hand, trying to stop me, but blood loss had made him weak, and I easily shrugged him off.

The real mistake was getting too ambitious. If we’d kept it small and local, we’d have never got on the wrong side of some very bad people. I couldn’t resist, though. When you dived into that world, you quickly realised that most people involved in it are very dumb because the smart ones stay away. It didn’t take much to rise through the ranks, sadly it wasn’t taking much to fall down them either.

Standing up, I instantly realised I’d taken too long. In the time I’d spent blabbering they’d moved around to the front of the house, and when I threw open that door, I’d be met with a hail of gunfire. Looking down at my husband, I realised there was only one thing to do. ‘Alright honey, it’s not safe for you to stay, I’ll have to carry you.’ He gratefully whimpered in return.

If I could go back, I probably wouldn’t shoot the guy’s son. It definitely escalated things. However, the prick deserved it. He thought that because I was a woman, he just had to wave his dick in my face and I’d gratefully fall to my knees. Fuck him. A couple of bullets thudding into his tiny prick taught him otherwise. The one to the head was just for fun.

I booted open the door and before my sweetpea could realise what was happening spun him round in front of me, letting the bullets thud into his body. ‘I’m sorry, darling. It was you or me. I love you.’ The shock on his face broke my heart, but what could I do? I was getting out of there one way or another, and this was another. By the time I threw his corpse at the goons they were scrabbling to reload, and I was off, sprinting towards my car like the legions of Hades were at my heels which, in some ways, they were.

You want the truth, though? I wouldn’t change any of it. Sure, it led to some dodgy shit, but being in love, well, it’s incredible. It makes you feel like you can climb mountains and wrestle bears. That’s a nice feeling, and if having to go on the run from some coked-up jackass and his army of wankers is the result, well, it’s worth it. I got to experience the perfect life for a while, and that’s more than most people can say.

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